पुरुष ने जवाब दिया, "यह सब तेरे रूप का जादू है। तेरे हाव-भावो ने तीर बरसाये हैं। क्या कहूं, तेरे सौन्दर्य ने मेरे हृदय को छीन लिया है। और … Read More

The definition of affirmation is definitely the act of confirming anything being real, or can be a created or oral assertion that confirms anything is legitimate.बस सोचता था ,की वे पूज्य पाद सदगुरुदेव जी की धर्मं पत्नी हैं बस. मैं अपनी … Read More

وحينما تحدثت مع أحد كبار المدربين المقتنعين بهذا العقل الباطنThis remarkable reserve has presently served visitors the world around accomplish the seemingly unattainable just by Understanding how to bring the outstanding drive in the subconscious underneath their control. Now you, as well, can stu… Read More

Views are very whimsical. They leave an effect around the mind, no matter whether superior or bad. The things that you think may even affect your persona. If another person is consistently reflecting on elegance, it is fairly natural that it's going to also make his identity extra beautiful.The Sixth Feeling is undoubtedly an generally ignored and … Read More

जब भी अपनी शख्शियत पर अहंकार हो, एक फेरा शमशान का जरुर लगा लेना..इस मनहूस वाक़ये के एक हफ्ते बाद एक रोज मैं दरबार से लौटा तो मुझे अपने घर … Read More